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Pullbox Reviews – Carver: A Paris Story (trade paperback) – Revenge, Reunions, & Redemption

Carver: A Paris Story (trade paperback) Z2 Comics Created & Written by Chris Hunt Art by Chris Hunt With a preface by Paul Pope Available September 2016 After an absence of five years, globe trotting and notorious gentleman of fortune Francis Carver returns to Paris in 1923. He has come back to aid Catherine Ayers, […]

Pullbox Reviews The Lone Ranger/Green Hornet #1 (of 6)- Two generations from the Thrilling Days of Yesteryear!

The Lone Ranger/Green Hornet #1 (of 6) Dynamite Entertainment Written by Michael Uslan Art by Giovanni Timpano Colors by Pete Pantazis Letters by Troy Peteri Covers by John Cassaday & June Chung A tale of super-heroics and family that has taken eighty years to be told! This first chapter, entitled “Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear,” […]

Pullbox Reviews: King’s Quest #1- All the Pulp you could ask for!

King’s Quest #1 Dynamite Written by Ben Acker & Heath Corson Art by Dan McDaid Colors by Omi Remalante On sale May the 4th (be with you…)! THE PERFECT JUMPING-ON POINT FOR NEW READERS! Join Flash Gordon, TWO Phantoms, Mandrake the Magician, and Prince Valiant on a disastrous intergalactic rescue mission! All they have to […]

Pullbox Reviews: John Carter, Warlord of Mars #13 – Just a day in the life of a Jeddak…

John Carter Warlord of Mars #13 (Dynamite Entertainment) Written by Jon Marz and Ian Edginton Pencils by Ariel Medel Colors by Nanjan Jamberi Experience Mars in all its barbaric glory, as John Carter and Dejah Thoris continue their search for a way to preserve their dying world. But their journey may lead to certain death, […]

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