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Pullbox Previews The Sisters, 3 kid-friendly stories in one volume from Papercutz

Maureen and Wendy hilariously demonstrate the best and worst of having and being a sister in this collection of three of their latest adventures and silly sibling squabbles from Papercutz! First, in “Selfie Awareness,” it’s vacation time and Maureen’s desperate for fun while Wendy just wants to relax! A family boat trip is just what […]

Pullbox Previews Winx Club volume 1: Welcome to Magix

WINX CLUB VOL. 1: WELCOME TO MAGIX Join the Winx Club, a group of fairies who fight evil using their unique magical powers! In this first installment, Bloom is introduced to Fairy school in Magix, and a whole new world of superpowered girlfriends, scary monsters, and wicked witches — all the while becoming stronger herself […]

Pullbox Previews The Adventures of Reese Rabbit #1, the spirit child of the Tom & Jerry cartoons your parents watched

The Adventures Of Reese Rabbit Issue #1 Follow the wacky adventures of a bunny rabbit named Reese, who lives in a world filled with life-sized animals. This issue sees Reese and his best friend, Jack Houndsberg, trying to get rid of a regular sized rat that has made itself at home in Reese’s house. The […]

Pullbox Preview: Yawa the Adventurer & the Soul Weaver Medallion, now live on Kickstarter

: Yawa #1 (a Kickstarter “Project We Love”, fully funded in under 24 hours!) Created & Written by Bernard K. Mensah Illustrated by Matylda McCormack-Sharp Colours by Jasmin Guzman Letters by Nikki Powers Join 13-year old Yawa on her first mission as she jets off to Ghana to discover the truth behind a mysterious phone […]

Pullbox Reviews: a new Choose Your Own Adventure series from Oni Press!

Choose Your Own Adventure: Eighth Grade Witch Oni Press Written by Andrew E.C. Gaska Eric L. Thomas Illustrated by Valerio Chiola Background Art by Leandro Casca Colors by Thiago Ribeiro Letters by Joamette Gil Based on the original by C.E. Simpson Available August 25, 2021 Once upon a time, before computer games brought the concept […]

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