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Pullbox Previews 1/6: What if the Attack on the US Capital had Succeeded?

What if the Jan. 6th insurrection was successful? (In the interest of accountability & possible issues, there could and/or should be trigger warnings ahead… Honestly, if you’re not upset in some way about the subject matter, there might be a problem.) Harvard law professor and NY Times bestselling author join forces to show a world […]

Pullbox Reviews: Black Cotton #1 – Discussing Racial Disparity in an Alternate World

Elijah Cotton, the modern patriarch of the Cotton family and business mogul of Black Cotton Ventures, tries to manage the public outrage and fallout from his police officer son, Zion Cotton’s, shooting of a young white woman. Meanwhile, Qia Cotton, the only daughter of Eljiah and the CEO of Black Cotton Ventures, attempts to assuage […]

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