Pullbox Previews 1/6: What if the Attack on the US Capital had Succeeded?

What if the Jan. 6th insurrection was successful?

(In the interest of accountability & possible issues, there could and/or should be trigger warnings ahead… Honestly, if you’re not upset in some way about the subject matter, there might be a problem.)

Harvard law professor and NY Times bestselling author join forces to show a world where rioters made it to the Senate Chamber. Issue #1 is available now.

On the heels of the first convictions for “Seditious Conspiracy” for participants of the attack on the U.S. Capitol, and as the US awaits the final report of the January 6th Committee, a provocative new graphic novel by a unique team of creators asks and answers the question: What if the Insurrection had been successful and violently overturned the election? 1/6 is a graphic novel written by Alan Jenkins and Gan Golan. They are publishing the graphic novel under the auspices of the Western States Center, where they serve as Senior Fellows.

1/6: The Graphic Novel illustrates how close we came to authoritarian rule and demonstrates how strategic disinformation, white supremacy, and cynical political ambition convinced millions of ordinary Americans to reject cherished constitutional values and support violent sedition.

Harvard Law School Professor Alan Jenkins and New York Times bestselling author Gan Golan have teamed up with veteran comic book artist Will Rosado to depict, in chilling detail, what the Insurrectionists and their allies had planned on that day, and the threats to our democracy that remain. This is one of the first pop culture vehicles to take on the insurrection.

“There’s a long tradition of comic book creators taking on real-world social issues and, especially, fascism and white supremacy,” said Jenkins. “Captain America’s first appearance was socking Adolf Hitler in the jaw (several months before the U.S. entered WWII). Superman fought the Ku Klux Klan in the 1940s, as did the Black Panther and other superheroes after him. It seems natural that our story’s heroes are fighting modern-day extremism, bigotry, and political violence.”

This is the second graphic novel the authors have created together. In 2011, Golan co-created, and Jenkins published and produced the social justice superhero comic Helvetika Bold under the auspices of The Opportunity Agenda. Through a print and digital comic book, communications toolkit, animated film, in-person events, and a wildly popular live-action short film, Helvetika Bold inspired and equipped a large audience to act for social justice.

“Art is a powerful tool to confront the complex issues we face today,” said Golan. “1/6 will not only allow us to see more clearly what would’ve happened had the insurrectionists succeeded in their plans to overthrow our democracy, but will also remind us of the power of organizing by everyday people to stand up and protect it.”

1/6 has similar goals with its upcoming release, with a digital toolkit planned to help readers take action to protect our democracy before and after the first chapter’s release.

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