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Pullbox Previews: From Out of Gnollwhere – Tabletop RPG awesomeness from a group of old gamers

“From Out of Gnollwhere” is a Dungeon Crawl Classics-compatible adventure for four to six 2nd level characters. The first of a three-part arc, book one invites the characters to investigate horrifying and militaristic assaults from the normally chaotic and disjointed gnolls of the wilds beyond the placid town of Rurayne’s Crossing… I know, I know… […]

Pullbox Reviews C.R.I.T. #5: Intestinal Fortitude- Tabletop gamers rolling a Natural 20 on Initiative

C.R.I.T. #5: Intestinal Fortitude Home Brewed Heroes Story by: Christopher Michael Austin Ferguson Brad Haynes Obie Dancy Ryan Kidd Terryl Wilkins Illustrated by Christopher Michael Colors by Cristiano Cruz Letters by Christopher Michael Cover by: Mo Lubisan Nestor Redulla Jr C.R.I.T. traveled to Georgia to investigate reports of supernatural crimes thinking that they were committed […]

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