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“From Out of Gnollwhere” is a Dungeon Crawl Classics-compatible adventure for four to six 2nd level characters. The first of a three-part arc, book one invites the characters to investigate horrifying and militaristic assaults from the normally chaotic and disjointed gnolls of the wilds beyond the placid town of Rurayne’s Crossing…

I know, I know… you’re wondering what this tabletop RPG post might be doing here, in your regularly scheduled comic book real estate. Bear with me… this particular piece of math rock-rolling wizardry is the brainchild of a group of old gamers, all of whom I happen to know personally (say hi, Eric, Andy, Randy, & Mark), and one of whom I happen to be. Now live on Kickstarter, From Out of Gnollwhere was the starting point for an ongoing 5e (full name withheld cuz we can’t afford lawyers) campaign that’s since been turned into a starting point for Dungeon Crawl Classics players.

Where it goes from here, that’s kinda up to you. Let’s check it out…

The Product – From Out of Gnollwhere

  • Approximately a 30-page fully fleshed-out adventure – including exploratory areas. 
  • Printed 8.5″ x 11″, to sit beautifully on your bookshelf. 
  • Color cover by renowned comic book cover and sketch artist Camron Johnson.
  • Filled with beautiful black and white illustrations. 
  • Soft cover.

Possible Stretch Goals

  • New Encounters!
  • New Patrons!
  • New Items!
  • New Spells!

The “From Out of Gnollwhere” Story

From Out of Gnollwhere is a 2nd Level adventure published by Wayward Studios for Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) gaming system, but has its origins in the fifth edition of the World’s Most Popular Gaming System, and our pal’s basement.

Seven years ago, three of our group’s DM’s, Mark Manchester, Randy Miller and Paul Baumeister, thought it would fun to create an epic campaign spanning three adventuring groups (all under the unified banner of the Wayward Sons) and the breadth of our home-brewed world of Klahneth. It featured three independent but linked story arcs, an ages-old battle amongst vying pantheons of gods, and an upstart would-be god named Throal. And tons and tons of NPC’s, monsters, cities and a ubiquitous halfling bard.

As part of his arc, Paul, who’d long thought the savage, demon-worshiping hyaena-men to be a cruelly under-plumbed resource in the gaming world, had the idea of doing a gnoll-themed adventure featuring an evil warlock and a plot to summon a demon lord. Primarily to mess with one of our players, he tossed in an abandoned elfin babe the party was to rescue and deliver to safety. Like these kind of things do, Paul’s original idea morphed, mutated and grew considerably once exposed to the rest of us and in the end, we all had a heckuva time…and found ourselves asking, “What if we published this?”

“What if” indeed… hit the link to follow along and find out.

Original cover art by Camron Johnson
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