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Pullbox Previews: Planet of the Apes – The Simian Age #1

BOOM! Studios today unveiled a first look at PLANET OF THE APES: THE SIMIAN AGE #1, an all-new special on sale in December. Celebrating the franchise’s historic 50th Anniversary in partnership with 20th Century Fox Consumer Products, this over-sized comic is packed with new stories highlighting the beginnings of the dominant simian civilization in Planet of the […]

Pullbox Previews: Space Riders Collected Edition!

SPACE RIDERS Collected Edition Artist: Alexis Ziritt Writer: Fabian Rangel Jr. Letterer: Ryan Ferrier ORDER CODE: SEP151090 IN COMIC STORES: 11/25 PRICE: $12.99 SPACE RIDERS: This Vengeful Universe  From the galactic core to the outer quadrants, one name strikes terror in the hearts of evil beings everywhere: The Space Riders! Sailing the cosmos in the Skullship Santa Muerte, Capitan Peligro and his […]

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