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Pullbox Reviews Dejah Thoris #1- She’s no Disney Princess, that’s for sure…

Dejah Thoris #1 Dynamite Entertainment Written by Frank J. Barbiere Illustrated by Francesco Manna Colors by Morgan Hickman Based on stories and characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs ON SALE DATE: February 3 Prepare yourself for Dejah Thoris as you’ve never seen her before! A shocking conspiracy unravels in Helium as Dejah’s father has gone […]

Pullbox Reviews: Five Ghosts #17 – Fabian Gray, Literary Time Share

Five Ghosts #17 Story By: Frank J. Barbiere Art By: Chris Mooneyham Cover By: Chris Mooneyham Thanks to the Dreamstone, a fragmented piece of the dream realm given physical shape and embedded in his chest, adventurer/thief Fabian Gray carries the spirits and abilities of five of literature’s greatest characters. These characters are left unnamed throughout […]

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