Pullbox Previews The Road to Oz #1, the World of Oz for a new generation of readers, now on Kickstarter

  • The Road to Oz #1
  • Created, Written, & Illustrated by Amin Amat
  • Now on Kickstarter, & close to funding goal (with 25 days to go)!

Knowledge left behind by the Wizard of Oz is being used to eliminate Dorothy in Kansas. Can the Scarecrow, the new mayor of Emerald City, be able to save his friend..and the World of Oz?

A group of rogue winged monkeys, betrayed and abandoned by the Wizard of Oz, utilize technology that will enable them to travel to Kansas. To eliminate both the Wizard and Dorothy, the main catalyst of all the turmoils in their world!

The Scarecrow unknowingly stumbles upon their plans and in attempting to prevent their travel, ends up in Kansas!

Not only is he a stranger in a strange land, but he needs to find and protect Dorothy before the rogue winged monkeys do! For if Dorothy is eliminated, all else that has occurred before will cease to exist!!

And other mysteries abound in this new world called Kansas!!!

The Road To Oz delves deep into themes of struggle, sacrifice, friendship, and the strength found within oneself. It’s a journey that will ignite your imagination.

By supporting the campaign, you’ll not just get an incredible 32 page comic book (amongst other rewards available); you’re joining a community of dreamers and adventurers. Together, we’ll bring The Road To Oz to life in a way that inspires generations to come.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, and let’s make dreams a reality, one page at a time. Back the Kickstarter campaign today and be part of something truly magical! 

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