Pullbox Previews The Savage Sword of Conan #1- Once again, his sandaled feet are treading in the classic magazine format!

Cover B, Gerado Zaffino
  • Writer(s): John Arcudi, Patch Zircher, Jim Zub
  • Artist(s): Max Von Fafner, Patch Zircher
  • Publisher: Heroic Signatures, Titan Comics
  • B&W, 80pp, $6.99, 8.125 x 10.875 inch
  • On sale: February 28, 2024

THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN IS BACK from Heroic Signatures and Titan Comics!

Featuring an epic new Conan story from John Arcudi and Max Von Fafner, the rousing return of Solomon Kane written and drawn by Patch Zircher, an electric prose story from Jim Zub, spectacular art pin-ups, and more, the Savage Sword of Conan #1 heralds a new era of adrenaline-fueled adventure!

CONAN THE GENERAL: WARRIOR. THIEF. AND NOW, GENERAL… Promised riches beyond imagining, Conan finds himself bound for war at the head of an exiled Hyrkanian Prince’s army. But when ancient monsters are unleashed and the Prince’s recklessness imperils all, Conan will be forced to choose: abandon wealth for safety or face danger head-on to prevent innocent blood from drenching the desert sands.

SOLOMON KANE: MASTER OF THE HUNT: All Hallow’s Eve. A night when the veil between the unseen worlds is thin… and something sinister has broken through. When an abomination from the blackest hells emerges to brutalize a small Welsh town, Solomon Kane is called to deliver God’s judgment in the only manner he knows: salvation by the sword.

Cover A, Joe Jusko
Cover FOC, Joe Jusko (virgin)
Cover C, Max von Fafner
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