Celebrate the Women of Marvel!

 Next month, celebrate the mighty women of Marvel Comics with an all-new anthology that will inspire, empower and motivate fans from all walks of life! WOMEN OF MARVEL #1 is back to deliver a range of diverse stories set throughout the Marvel Universe. This year’s talent lineup includes both seasoned Marvel veterans and up-and-coming talent, including a host of exciting Marvel Comics debuts!

Whether it’s the Boss of Space pummeling back an alien invasion or the Scarlet Witch weaving a magical protection, the women of Marvel have got your back. Here are the adventures readers can expect this year:

·       Industry legend Gail Simone and newcomer Lydia Rasero deliver a reality-shattering tale starring the original Marvel heroine: Invisible Woman! Join her for an interdimensional battle that culminates in what might be the biggest female Marvel super hero team up ever put to the page!

·       Jackpot writer Celeste Bronfman and acclaimed artist Leila Leiz bring you Madame Web’s latest vision! Be there when she shares what the future looks like for some of the current leading ladies of Marvel Comics.

·       Hallow’s Eve scribe Erica Schultz and fresh talent Giada Belviso put Black Widow’s skills to the test! When Bucky gets himself in a sticky situation, witness Black Widow save the day in style!

·       It’s a Scarlet Witch tale like no other featuring a double dose of Marvel Comics debuts: New York Times Best-Selling Author Sarah Rees Brennan and rising superstar artist Arielle Jovellanos! Take a mind-bending journey to the end of the multiverse and back as Wanda protects her friend Darcy Lewis from an otherworldly threat!

·       Plus essays, interviews, additional art pieces, and more!

For over 10 years, WOMEN OF MARVEL has highlighted iconic women characters and storytellers from throughout Marvel Comics history! Fans won’t want to miss celebrating the spirit and mission of this fantastic program with these phenomenal tales starring some of Marvel’s greatest heroes! Check out all four covers and interior artwork and preorder WOMEN OF MARVEL #1 at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

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Updated: January 25, 2024 — 4:58 pm

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