Vampirella Trades coming in April!

Alongside Vampirella #668’s release, this April will additionally bring two key graphic novels in the Vampirella universe from Dynamite, with collections of stories starring Draculina and Victory.

In many ways, these two books are two sides of the same coin. In the wake of the inimitable Christopher Priest taking stewardship of the franchise starting in 2019, both under his pen and beyond several supporting characters have been delved into more deeply, gotten their own spinoff series, or been introduced outright for the first time. During the Priest era, the Sacred Six assembled, Pantha returned to a solo series, and an archnemesis in Nyx (partly) turned a new leaf and got a title. But Priest’s exploration of the idea of “Draculina” opened not one, but two exciting directions for fans!

Draculina debuted all the way back in Vampirella #2 as the Daughter of Drakulon’s blonde sister with a bit more of a devilish antiheroine streak. Rarely but memorably featured throughout the 50-plus years of Vampirella lore, she always made a mark. Then Christopher Priest had an interesting idea. Victoria “Victory” Harris was introduced from day one in his run, and soon would take on her own unique take on the Draculina costume and mantle. Working with Vampi’s mother Lilith as a pawn and with a ring from Belial granting her abilities, eventually Victory struck out on her own as well. Yet the original Draculina still exists and of course gets wrapped up in the latest family drama!

Victory comes into her own in her spotlight solo series written by Eisner Award-winning David F. Walker (Bitter Root, Naomi) and drawn by Brett Weldele (The Beauty). The story dives deep into her character in a way that the main Vampirella series cannot with its focus. Readers can learn more about her complicated childhood, what she’s up to with her newfound powers, and meet all the demons on her trail after her enchanted ring.

Then the original Draculina stars in her second miniseries, Blood Simple by Priest and Michael Sta. Maria (Vengeance of Vampirella). This can’t-miss storyline is one of the most expansive ever in the Vampi mythos, as an impromptu family reunion goes down. Lilith has returned, determined to reunite her estranged daughters. A big curveball is the presence of Levi, a murderous sea creature-like demon… who may be another sibling in this motley crew.

Both these books pack 120 pages or more of their complete series, with variant cover galleries and more!

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