Pullbox Previews Two new supernatural crime dramas, coming soon from BlackBox Comics

Covers for Dead Detective #1 & Empath #1, new titles coming soon from Black Box Comics!

BlackBox Comics is an independent publisher based in New York, inspired by those who share an appreciation of comic writing and art, the comic industry, as well as avid readers all over the world who love great characters and great stories.

Dead Detective

While investigating the death of his partner, a detective discovers a portal to the afterlife. Reunited in the underworld, they must solve the mystery of a demonic cult — and save the city of Detroit from the forces of evil.

  • Dead Detective #1
  • Written by Bob Heyoka
  • Art by Fabio Lima Jansen
  • Colors by Adriano Augusto
  • Available November 22, 2023


Jace struggles to find balance with his emotions and his powers despite his uncle’s guidance. Dr. Mercer continues her quest to “free” her patients, setting her sights on Jace’s sister.

  • Empath
  • Written by Brian Hawkins
  • Art & Colors by Debora Carita
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