Marvel celebrates Halloween with monsters from 2099

his January, the 2099 revolution continues! Following his acclaimed work in Spider-Man 2099: Exodus and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis, writer Steve Orlando returns to everyone’s favorite dystopian future, and this time, he’s bringing all sorts of horrors along for the ride!

Featuring artwork by a host of industry talent including superstar artists and exciting Marvel newcomers, MIGUEL O’HARA – SPIDER-MAN 2099 is a five-part limited series that will hit stands weekly throughout January. Kick start the new year with Marvel 2099’s greatest defender and Spider-Verse icon Miguel O’Hara as he slays his way through 2099 versions of classic Marvel horror characters. Amidst the monstrous showdowns, Orlando and his collaborators will continue to revitalize the world of 2099 for a new age with bold worldbuilding and fascinating new takes on Marvel heroes.

Influenced by cyberpunk and set in a harsh corporate-run society, 2099 has held a special place in the Marvel multiverse and in fan’s hearts for over thirty years. Discover what awaits during Marvel’s next venture into this strange world!

BEWARE – MARVEL ZOMBIE: 2099! In MIGUEL O’HARA – SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1, Steve Orlando and artist Devmalya Pramanik kick things off with the introduction of the MARVEL ZOMBIE of 2099, as Miguel O’Hara teams up with BLADE 2099 to take on this horrific new threat to Nueva York. Behold the Marvel Zombie of 2099! He lives! He strikes! And no spider can hold him! Will Spider-Man be able to stop the ever-evolving zombie infection before it takes hold of his mother and the citizens of the Barrio?

BEWARE – THE LUNAR TOMB OF DRACULA!In MIGUEL O’HARA – SPIDER-MAN 2099 #2, Orlando and Michael Dowling bring back Dracula!The moon is under attack, and Spider-Man must team up with Moon Knight 2099 to save it. And our celestial web-slinger is going to need some new armor to get through it all!

BEWARE – WEREWOLF UNLEASHED! In MIGUEL O’HARA – SPIDER-MAN 2099 #3, Orlando and artist Jason Muhr deliver an over-the-top Monster Mash for the 100th legacy issue of Spider-Man 2099. Cursed by blood — it’s WEREWOLF BY 2099! Spider-Man must take on this new cursed soul in a no-holds-barred battle!

BEWARE – TOMORROW’S TERROR INCORPORTED! In MIGUEL O’HARA – SPIDER-MAN 2099 #4, Orlando and artist Chris Campana bring Terror back to his horrific roots. Spider-Man must go up against THE NEW TERROR INC. and body parts will fly! Can Spider-Man get Terror to finally change his ways?

BEWARE – REBIRTH OF THE MAN-THING! In MIGUEL O’HARA – SPIDER-MAN 2099 #5, Orlando and artist Stefano Raffaele introduce 2099’s version of Man-Thing when Spider-Man must find a way to save the lives (and data) of the people of Nueva York from the monster’s burning touch! What does this new shambling monstrosity mean for the future of Nueva York? Also featuring the return of the Specialist!

“Returning to 2099 has been a blast, especially with the chance to do this series of one-shots crashing Miguel up against some of Marvel’s greatest horror icons–all of whom are newly debuting in 2099!” Orlando said. “I can’t think of a better reality to work in than the world of 2099–that dark, neon projection of our own modern day. And no matter the horror coming in the series, Spider-Man 2099 is set to defend his city and his people—whether it’s with a gravity-defying moon shot, an infestation of next-generation zombies, or helping a mercenary werewolf finally cut his leash!”

In addition, Nick Bradshaw will once again grace 2099 with his outstanding cover work! Check out all five MIGUEL O’HARA – SPIDER-MAN 2099 covers now and witness the startling new Marvel 2099 epic this January! For more information, visit

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Updated: September 21, 2023 — 12:58 pm

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