Pullbox Previews Astroic Initiative- A new group of young heroes, now live on Kickstarter

  • Written by Brian Hulbert
  • Illustrated by Zipactli JL Villalva
  • Now live on Kickstarter!

A team of 6 unlikely companions, granted cosmic powers, struggle under the weight of their power. Doubt, pride, fear and ego lead to factions within the 6 unwitting heroes that divide them.  All the while the responsibility such power requires slowly starts to ruin their lives. Can mere humans truly wield such god like power responsibly? Can that much power isolated in one person ever be responsible? Regardless of who it was?

I’ve read comics my entire life and it’s been my view that the primary expression of the concept of the superhero, that we all know and love, has been conceptually constrained to the depression era it was born out of.  Growing up I always found it strange how often muggings, bank robberies, or car chases where the central tension of major superhero comics.  It always confused me why superman, a guy with “arctic breath”, spent his time catching purse snatchers when he could refreeze the polar ice sheets? 

Today people worry about climate change, natural disasters, impending war, viral outbreaks, the spread of political corruption and, once again, the threat of thermonuclear exchange. Global issues, for a global age. To that end, I have taken inspiration from sources around the globe that inspired me as I grew up.

Brian Hulbert, writer
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