Pullbox Previews Chilling Adventures Presents: The Anthology Collection from Archie Horror

  • Chilling Adventures: The Anthology Collection
  • Archie Comics
  • Edited by Jamie L. Rotante
  • Writers: Various (Cullen Bunn, Joe Eisma, Frank Tieri, Casey Gilly, to name a few)
  • Artists: Various
  • Genre: Horror
  • ISBN: 9781645768593

Time flies when you’re scared out of your wits, doesn’t it? The Archie Comics horror imprint has been killing it (literally) for a decade now! Starting with the debut of AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE, which made global news for destroying Riverdale in a gory zombie apocalypse, the publisher’s iconic characters have been beset by werewolves, vampires, demons, and witches ever since, via new mini-series and one-shots exploring the darker side of the Town With Pep. And for anyone who may have missed those, Archie Horror’s recent hits are back in CHILLING ADVENTURES: THE ANTHOLOGY COLLECTION, a gorgeous trade paperback haunting bookstores in September!

Curating nearly 20 original horror stories starring Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead, and the gang, CHILLING ADVENTURES is a frightful pop culture candy box in a nicely designed package for your coffee table that rewards repeated dip-ins throughout spooky season. It includes dark sci-fi chillers, a solo thriller for Sabrina’s sassy cat Salem, the continuing adventures of Madam Satan (Sabrina’s infernal arch-enemy), some festive yuletide terror, and the introduction of current Archie Horror scream queen Jinx Holliday, all by a murderer’s row of comics talent including Cullen Bunn, Joe Eisma, Frank Tieri, Casey Gilly, Liana Kangas, Sina Grace, and many more.

Reading CHILLING ADVENTURES is like binge-watching classic “weird” television like Night Gallery or Twilight Zone; snack-sized scares to usher in the darkest hours before bed. And of course, this being an Archie title, you can’t escape some heartwarming humor despite the horrific proceedings. While not at all for kids, precocious teens will flock to this one, and editor Jamie L. Rotante has conjured a fascinating magic trick in lighter-side stories that won’t turn away the squeamish while still satisfying horror fans.

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