Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight on Warp Hustler, a trippy, bendy sci-fi from UHStudios

Go anywhere. Do Anything. F*** everyone. Mature Readers Sci-Fi WTFery from Martin Simmonds and Paul Hanley

Austin, 2021:Janice Hoffman’s a 34 year-old pot-smoking slacker working at the last video store in Texas.  Her life may look aimless and boring, but she’s watching every Star Trek episode ever in in-universe chronological order and already made it through 3 seasons of Enterprise.  So there.  Also, she may get shot in the face for choosing the wrong color swatch.

New Jersey, 1937: A very confused Janice materializes on the Hindenburg for 21 seconds as it’s engulfed in flames. 

A different Austin, 2021: An adult Janice with a child brain briefly appears on top of a parking garage.  A stylishly-dressed woman wants her to take a message to Bob (this may also involve getting shot in the face).

Do you really think so? This is all just a taste so maybe swing over to the Warp Hustler Kickstarter page and check out all of the info before making hasty judgments like that… Unlikely Heroes hasn’t steered me wrong yet.– Paul

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