Pullbox Previews Woojin #1- Destruction is Near, sci-fi/fantasy based on a homebrewed tabletop game!

A mix of X-Men, Dungeons & Dragons, and Pacific Rim… all based on a homebrewed Tabletop Card Game (funded in 205 hours!)

Destruction is Near – Woojin is the first title in a line of fantasy/sci-fi comics from Spider Tank Entertainment. The story follows a guilt-stricken South Korean paleontologist who gains the ability of Reanimation and Earth Manipulation. With his newfound powers, he finds that he’s being groomed for a coming war for the survival of all mankind against a being so powerful that it’s already wiped us out 3 times in the past; the flood of Noah, the Mayans, and Atlantis. Now it’s our time to decide the fate of all humanity. Choose your power champion and join the fight.

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