Pullbox Previews Destruction is Near- Woojin, coming soon to Kickstarter

We’ve got 6-years until our ultimate demise. Destruction is Near, how will you face the apocalypse?

Destruction is Near – Woojin (scheduled to hit Kickstarter, May 5th, 2023) Is the first title in a line of fantasy/sci-fi comics that follows a guilt stricken South Korean paleontologist who gains the ability of Reanimation and Earth Manipulation. With his newfound powers, he finds that he’s being groomed for a coming war for the survival of all mankind against a being so powerful that it’s already wiped us out 3 times in the past; the flood of Noah, the Mayans, and Atlantis. Now it’s our time to decide the fate of all humanity. Choose your power champion and join the fight. 

What started out as a tabletop boardgame in 2007, has become one of the most epic intertwined stories I’ve ever written. I made a card game that was supposed to rival Magic the Gathering. I set out to make the kind of game that I would play. Unfortunately, it was a very very expensive venture and soon I had to give up on that dream at least temporarily. I had created 5 heroes or champions for the game with a full set of powers and creatures and each having their very own tiny dragon. When the funding dried up, let’s say I had a lot of free time on my hands. So, I decided to write stories for these champions. I made stories for the monsters in the game and stories for the warlocks. Each hero was from a different country so I made stories for those governments and the forces that they would use. The giant mechs, and advanced weaponry were all included, and of course the biggest bad guy of them all…Destruction himself. All of these stories were scattered all over the place. Some of them on my tablets and some on my phones. Various different stories on my computer and some even made it into some of my flash fiction pieces. I wanted to be better at my craft so I enrolled at Full Sail University to learn how to better write stories. There I took a deep dive into various genres and sub-genres of storytelling and world building. I wrote my very first DnD campaign and played through it with some co-workers. They loved it. But then I took a comic book writing class and that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I have the pieces to make something epic. I have the heroes and the villains, i have the side characters and everyone’s motivations. I even have the art of what most things look like. And after that class, I had the tools to take all of that and put into this format. The comic book format. So here we are. Destruction Comics has 1 story to tell and 1 story only. I’ve added 1 more hero to the tale but this story will be told through the eyes of 6 different champions. Technically 7, but you will see. 

Creator/Writer David Mullins
The first book to launch this story and take us to Seoul, South Korea to meet Woojin Kim, a paleontologist and his Stone Dragon Boulder.
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