Pullbox Spotlight on Legacy: a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic fan fiction, turned full Audio Drama

All Laresa Daklan ever wanted to be was a great Jedi. But, the Great Galactic War changed everything for her, and her family.

Legacy: a Star Wars Old Republic Audio Drama

  • Created by Crystal Storm
  • Starring the voice talents of
    • Crystal Storm as Laresa Daklan
    • Tarrah as Reide Daklan
    • Bunbarian as Xerrin Daklan
    • Adam Korenman as Elliah Toss
    • Jake Reicher as Lancoro Daklan
    • Alejandro Paz as Vanceto Daklan
    • and many, many more…

From the Mind of Scifi Author Crystal Storm comes a brand new Star Wars tale. LEGACY is the story of Laresa Daklan a Jedi turned Sith. While some of her family accepts her choice, others do not and Laresa must fight them, an Emperor gone mad, and a hidden enemy set on destroying the force.

Legacy is available wherever you find your favorite podcasts…

Also available to be read in pdf, direct from Crystal Storm’s website

For more madness, visit Crystal Storm’s website

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