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New word Updates 2 is a stickman webcomic series that utilizes new words ranging from high school to university level in select episodes, but overall follows the story of Beanie head. Beanie head is a teenage sophomore who moonlights as the superhero vigilante the Blue Hero. Unlike most mainstream superhero stories, he uses his hero persona to aid the problems in his personal life and focuses less on the social media influencing cults, magic afflicted mutants, and increased drug trafficking plaguing his city – a choice he would later regret

I know, there really isn’t a lot to go by here. But if you take a look at Farri’s page and poke around a bit, you may stumble across something you’ll really like. The webcomic itself, New Word Updates, is a fast reading, easy to follow body of work. It’s a stick man comic, so you may not think there’s a lot to take in at first glance. However, once you start really digging into Farri’s work, what you might find is some entertaining… one might even go so far as to say charming… writing. Personally, I really got a kick out of his earlier work, the “Couch Gags”.

The stuff parents do to mess with their kids, huh?

Farri’s clever wordplay continues in his ongoing superhero tale, New Word Updates. I can see this being a hit with some younger readers, the folk who enjoy the quick episodic pace of many webcomics. It’s there that readers are introduced to the bustling, yet old fashioned Sticaria City, and its resident superhero… the Blue Hero!

See, his superhero suit is blue… and he takes his vitamins so he’s pretty strong… Look, if I have to explain everything, we’re gonna be here all day.

New Word Updates is just a quirky, witty, laid back kind of read that leans into Farri’s own Muslim faith. The humor is completely off-kilter, and I found myself chuckling more than I thought I would while reading a story about a stick hero from Sticaria. Farri AbdulRahman Ajibola is making his own stuff, and putting it out into the world. For that alone, I think anyone reading this article could spare a little time checking his page.

Personally, I’d say that Farri is more interesting than I am anyway, soooo…

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