Archie Comics Previews, coming August 10th, 2022


  • Script: J. Torres 
  • Art: Rex Lindsey
  • Cover: Dan Parent
  • On Sale Date: 8/10
  • 32-page, full color comic 
  • $2.99 U.S.

A BRAND-NEW STORY kicks off this collection of thrill rides, exciting adventures, and odd occurrences! In “Return to Mirrordale,” a house of mirrors on the Riverdale boardwalk piques everyone’s interest. When no one listens to Archie’s advice to avoid this familiar haunt, Betty, Veronica, and Reggie all go in to encounter obnoxious and opposite versions of themselves! Will they be able to escape as themselves, or will their bizarro mirror-world versions take over? 


  • Script: Tania Del Rio, Tom DeFalco
  • Art: Jeff Shultz, Bill Galvan, Jim Amash, Bob Smith
  • Colors: Glenn Whitmore
  • Letters: Jack Morelli
  • Cover: Bill Golliher, Rosario “Tito” Peña
  • On Sale Date: 8/10
  • 192-page, full color comic
  • $8.99 U.S

TWO BRAND NEW STORIES!!! First, in “Sunny with a Chance of Rescue,” Betty and Veronica meet up for their favorite summer activity, scoping out the annual lifeguard trials on the beach and checking out the cute guys training to become lifeguards for the season! This year, they get a mischievous idea… why not take some action instead of just spectating like they always do? Will they catch the eye of a cute lifeguard, or end up in deep water? 

Then, in “Mall Madness,“ Pepper and Josie are shopping for new bathing suits in a local mall. All is going relatively well (better for Josie than Pepper) until Melody shows up. As soon as the local boys hear that Melody is trying on bathing suits, the store and mall are soon overwhelmed by thousands of teenage boys! 

Big Ethel Energy Episode 49

A WEBTOON DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE! After graduating from Riverdale High, Ethel couldn’t get away from her hometown — and onto her chosen career path — fast enough. When the Mayor of Riverdale pays her handsomely to write a history of the city, she can’t wait to return to take down Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and all the other Riverdale natives who made her life hell all those years ago. The only thing she forgets to consider is . . . maybe they’ve all changed, too. 

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