Pullbox Previews- What’s hot on Kickstarter this week? July 18th, 2022

What’s hot on the crowd-funding scene this week? Let’s take a look…

Magnetic-Con 2022 Comic Art Book and VIP Loot Box by Magnetic Press – launching 7/19

Production art book showcasing top comic creators and new projects with exclusive loot boxes and a virtual convention booth experience!

What is MAGNETIC-CON? Conceptually, it’s a celebration of the best graphic novels and art books published by Magnetic Press, past, present, and future, showcasing some of the most creatively original and inspiring talent and projects from around the world. In ACTUALITY, it’s simply our creative excuse to put out our own cool Convention Book, branded attendee badges and lanyards, fashionable event tees, and an awesome limited-edition VIP box filled with collectible loot that will only be available through this Kickstarter campaign!

Skies of Fire: Collected Edition by Vincenzo Ferriero & Ray Chou – launching 7/19

Deluxe hardback editions of this dieselpunk airship adventure comic, available in its entirety for the first time.

Skies of Fire takes place in the Aquilan Empire, a kingdom where  airship travel has become the dominant means of transportation, commerce, and war. In the center of the Empire lies a monstrous, never-ending storm called The Expanse. 

Rush NYC Part 1 (of 2) – The Time Thief – All Ages by Arman Nasim

24 pages, full color. A love letter to New York City.

What is your time worth? To what lengths would you go to get it back? A twenty-something young man, O, wakes up to his most valuable possession being stolen. This leads him on a wild goose chase throughout NYC as he tries to take back what’s his. This is a zany, fun love letter to New York City.

Rhapsody: A Teen Horror Graphic Novel with a Musical Twist by Max Nomer & Katherine Myong

A 110-page story about high school show choir kids who find themselves at the center of a dark musical ritual…

Rhapsody is a graphic novel unlike any other — a teen horror movie wrapped in a jukebox musical, set during Christmastime! Our story follows a group of high school singers who, over the course of one night, find themselves embroiled in a dark musical ritual. And if they hope to survive, they’ll need to outwit — and out-sing — the evil goddess Melpomene and her lethal choir of sirens!

Super #1 – 52 Pages of Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Supers! by Zack Dolan

The quips come fast and the asses come kicked as a team of nobodies tries to make a name for themselves in a world filled with supers.

You’re the richest person on the planet, what do you do? Spend your wealth trying to colonize Mars? Maybe just fly to space in the preeminent phallic compensator and cry about unions to a frigid, uncaring universe? Or maybe… you assemble your very own team of super-powered misfits, toss a cool billion at an awesome new headquarters, and out-hero those annoying A-listers! Or, you know, accidentally demolition an entire city block while you and your squad try to stop the Black Atom from robbing a casino. It’s just another Tuesday evening in Cosmopolis, the city of supers.

Ten Earth Shattering Blows – Tome One by Nuclearpasta

The first arc of the popular webcomic, a crazy action-packed ride finally in book form!

Ten Earth Shattering Blows is the story of two young women forced to travel together in a lawless desert, caught between ruthless warlords, lizard-riding warriors, and a mysterious conspiracy that seems to involve the creepiest magical arts known to men. The unlikely couple couldn’t be more ill-paired: Lady Landabella is a naive noblewoman who has yet to understand how the outside world works, Joy is a brutish fighter who hits first and never asks. Will they resolve their differences and become friends, or are they destined to never see eye to eye? 

Three Panel Horror: Reanimated by Matthew Garbutt & Anton Kromoff

A collection of short horror comics told in three panels.

As fans of horror and sequential art, we wanted to challenge ourselves to tell great horror moments in as few panels as possible. Thus, Three Panel Horror was born. Originally we were posting these strips over at the Skull Magic Gaming site but thanks to the last two years of global and personal events we realized that these little slices of terror would be fun to collect and put into a art book that fits comfortably on your table, next to your collection of shrunken heads and cursed daggers. So get your hands on high-quality horror created by us and some of our favorite friends. The book is going to contain 60 comic strips, including some never seen before content, along with guest strips by Cullen Bunn, Robert Quinn, and Jacqui Davis.

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