Kickstarter Preview for Worlds Away, a sci fi adventure coming soon (June 14th)

Coming to Kickstarter, June 14th, 2022

WORLDS AWAY #1 written by Damien Becton

What are you willing to do to ensure a loved one’s safety?  For Serenity, a futuristic soldier equipped with high-tech armor, the answer is “Anything and everything.” This includes stealing a cure from an alien-race to save Mackenzie, her estranged, 13-year-old daughter’s life from a life-threatening illness.

Even before getting sick, Mackenzie and Serenity’s relationship only hung on by a thread. But when the two are forced to crash-land on a new, alien planet with magic-wielding beings and dangerous creatures, Serenity is faced with new circumstances that could change that. Serenity is forced to take on deadly, magical foes and make brutal decisions that could either save her and her daughter’s lives or their relationship…

Worlds Away is Radiant Black meets God of War. Set in a futuristic universe, Worlds Away #1 separates itself from the pack by blending high-octane, sci-fi action in a fantastical, archaic setting – all glued together by a story of a mother who will stop at nothing to protect her daughter. It’s a spellbinding, 22-page issue filled with thrilling action sequences grounded by intense and sometimes brutal character moments and decisions. At the end of Worlds Away #1, readers will be on the edge of their seats, itching to know what dangers await our characters.

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