Indie Spotlight on Cold Blooded – Shonen manga action in a labor of love

Teen Shonen hero seeks father while bearing the mark of a cold blooded monster.

Pretty much says it all…

Creator Perry Edwards is making stuff. That’s about all I needed to hear about this particular project for the hard charger to get some respect out of me (so far today, I’ve made coffee). With two successful Kickstarter campaigns in his rearview, the original version of volume 1 & then a second version where he re-vised all of the lettering, Perry is barreling along with a campaign for his second collected trade paperback in volume 2.

Cold-Blooded is a pretty straight forward homage to manga, a style of comic that Perry loves. Aimed at a teen audience, all of those elements that make manga such a distinct form of sequential art are plain to see on every page. There’s the personal drama, the discovery of new powers as Rem, the hero, finds out how his abilities work. Also, we get a lot of panel wall breaks, extreme perspective shots, and stylized facial expressions that can only exist in a manga. Finally, there’s the monster on monster fighting action.

What I have to love about Perry’s work is that I can see him playing around with all of those classic elements, figuring out what works for him & what doesn’t. For all that some are going to look at the un-polished nature of his art, anyone paying attention can see him discovering & evolving new skills… much like the hero of his story.

Is Cold-Blooded going to be for everyone? No. But if you think that’s a negative viewpoint on my part, I promise you that it’s not. In all honesty, no single comic or manga title is going to appeal to everyone. But every title like this one, with the amount of work & love behind it, does have an audience out there. So take a look at the sample pages & cover art I’ve included here. If you think you might be interested in seeing more, hop on over to Perry’s Patreon page where you’ll find whole chapters you can read for free.

Give it a shot. You might find the diamond in the rough that you’ve been looking for…

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