Kickstarter Spotlight- Afterlife Inc. Tenth Anniversary Edition!

Afterlife Inc. – A Company You Can Believe In.

The afterlife is under new management…

When corporate con-artist Jack Fortune’s life comes to an abrupt and brutal end, he discovers a business opportunity on a previously unimaginable scale. A mysterious Calamity has struck the afterlife, wiping the ruling body from existence and plunging the Empyrean – the great golden city of the dead – into chaos. The time is ripe for modernization.

With the vision, the business-smarts and a ragtag collection of allies behind him, Jack strives to reinvent the afterlife as a modern-day corporate entity. Establishing a new business is always challenging, but now Jack must balance the demands of a free market with rampaging archangels, a misplaced God and the dark secrets at the heart of their world.

This may be the job he was born to die for, but has Jack’s reach finally exceeded his grasp?

Afterlife Inc. has just hit its 10-year anniversary – and to celebrate I’m releasing the entire run so far (that’s six volumes and over 800 pages worth of content) as two luxury A4 hardbacks: the Book of Life and the Book of Death.

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