Kickstarter Spotlight on Battle Grapple: Rebel #1- Wrestling to save the galaxy!

Cover A, by Don Nguyen
  • Battle Grapple: Rebel
  • Written by Michael Tanner
  • Pencils: Don Nguyen
  • Inks and Letters: Dave Wheeler 
  • Story Editor: Travis Webb 

In the far future, humanity has an expanded to the distant stars and planets and the most popular form of entertainment is the BATTLE GRAPPLE. We follow an aspiring new grappler, Spin Kilter, fresh from his training at the famous Coach Moonah’s Gym and trying to make a name for himself as an indie grappler. BATTLE GRAPPLE: REBEL is the story of how one man, just trying to follow his dream, can spark a revolution!

Spin has dreams of making it to the big show, but first he has to pay his dues, deal with his cocky rival, Stellar Debrii, and convince his parents to believe in him–all while the stability of the Human Confederation seems to be on shaky ground. 

BATTLE GRAPPLE is a martial combat show broadcast LIVE on every planet, much like the classic pro-wrestling of an older Earth. It is full of colorful characters, outstanding athletes, and wild storylines. It is THE most popular show on the holo-vid and the grapplers are intergalactic celebrities. While predominantly human, they do feature a few token “alien” grapplers. They travel from world to world in their massive arena spaceship called The Forge. When The Forge comes to a planet for a live show, it is considered an honor and a planet-wide holiday.

Cover B, by Brett Weldee
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