Kickstarter Spotlight on Power Broker #2- More super-powered mayhem from Unlikely Heroes Studios

Thirty years ago, the secret to super powered abilities was unlocked. Geneticists were hailed as heroes, as the promise of a new age of human achievement shined bright. Instead, their work was quickly commercialized, and the foundation of society buckled beneath the deluge of black market super-powered beings. In response, a task force of professional supermen was commissioned to police the city of Potentia and neutralize this growing threat–they call themselves POWER BROKERS.

 What happened in #1? When an overmuscled Power Jacker deranged by chop shop super-strength rampages through a public food court, Power Broker Kira Bedford radios her partner, Mason Cleaver, to mop up the mess. After softening the Jacker with some bone-crunching blows, Mason rescinds the violator’s dirty strength and reverts him to normal.  Kira whisks Mason back to the Central Brokering Agency headquarters, where he delivers the rescinder data containing the Jacker’s DNA to forensic prodigy, Sam Turin. Sam’s analysis reveals an impossibility: the Jacker has been modded before, and the hitherto-unbreakable chastity belt code block implanted by a previous rescinder application has been overwritten so he could be modded again. Before Mason can process the repercussions of this revelation, he is ambushed by an invisible assassin ensconced in the shadows of his bedroom.

Todd Vicino – Writing, Jon Kutzer – Art, HdE – Letters, & Laurie Foster – Edits.
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