Coming soon to Kickstarter – Pretty Pretty Gumdrops #1 (pre-sale live on May 1st, 2022)

  • Pretty Pretty Gumdrops #1
  • Written by Robert Morgan & Ray Allen
  • Illustrated by Jacq Sanabria
  • Coming soon to Kickstarter (pre-sale goes live on May 1st)

Sapphire Freeze sells more than just beauty products, but when her latest endeavor puts her sister in prison for murder, Sapphire and her misfit crew must save her, and go on the run.

Overall this story is about family and the complicated relationships that entails; set with a backdrop of outer space and drug selling.  Throughout this first run of the story, we want to explore forgiveness and understanding.  We want to show how Helena can come to grips with Sapphire’s identity and maybe explore how she can enhance her own self-image in that process.  Also, can Sapphire forgive her sister Helena for all the years of rejection, and if she does what will that say about her?  The other cast of characters will help push those relationships in a multitude of ways; all happening while the crew is on the run from the galactic police for selling drugs and breaking Helena out of their custody.

As a creative team this is our first jump into comics.  This is a story we wrote, originally as a TV show, that we adapted into a comic book.  We fell in love with the medium and are really excited about the opportunity to explore the story further.  We made this comic on our own time thus far – finding inkers, colorists, and letterers across the world through internet contacts.  We are trying to pursue all options to get the comic seen and show what we can do – we are all really excited about the potential of this story/book.  

Co-Creator & Writer, Robert Morgan
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