Kickstarter Spotlight on Highspot #3 (of 3)… “The end is just the beginning!”

“The End… is just the Beginning!”

(From the Kickstarter campaign…)

Highspot is the story of Kate Carter, who was inspired to become a stunt double because of her love of Indiana Jones-type action/adventure movies. But Kate’s a lover of history and archaeology, as well, so when famed archeologist Jerry Carter (no relation) arrives on the set of her latest film as a consultant, she convinces him to take her on his next adventure—along with a motley crew that includes an oil tycoon, a would-be politician, an actress, and a really cute dog. Issue #3 is the last in the series and concludes Kate’s Alexander the Great adventure. 

And check this out: If you’re not interested in picking up the last issue of a mini-series, we’ve also got the first issue of the new, ongoing Kate Cater series, Kate Carter Adventures, which features the art of the amazing up-and-coming artist Mauricio Mora and colors by Ashley Lanni. Here’s a little bit more about them:

Mauricio is an illustrator and comic artist from Costa Rica. He’s worked on video game projects, like Nexomon and G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout, as an illustrator, and is now focusing on his true passion: comics.  Recent projects include interior art for Damsel from D.I.S.T.R.E.S.S. and Major Thomas.

Ashley is a colorist based in Jacksonville, Florida. She’s worked on projects like Little Girls for Image comics and illustrated more than 30 children’s books. You can also hear her on the Short Box Podcast, which she has co-hosted for four years.

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