Kickstarter Spotlight Granite State Punk- A fictional history featuring New Hampshire’s Old Man in the Mountain

Live on Kickstarter, 1-18-2022

Press Release from Travis Gibb & Orange Cone Productions

This book (Granite State Punk) is truly the best thing that I have written. This one-shot is more than just a comic. It is a perfect piece of art set in the PUNK GENRE. I have been sitting on this bad boy for awhile and i cant wait to release. It takes place in my hometown of Rochester, NH. This book has a strong fictional history of a New Hampshire landmark the OLD MAN IN THE MOUTAIN. This book has 4th wall-breaking commentary, punk rock ideology, world commentary, historical retellings, magic, and a big ass monster!! What’s not to love? This book is super personal to me it’s its reflection on how I feel about my parent’s death and angry about how I grew up when I was a child. It’s very personal and I think you can feel my real pain channeled through the character of Zeke. I also think its the perfect mix of my other two books BROKE DOWN AND FOUR DEAD BODIES and VOODOO NATIONS!! This book also has some of the best art that we have EVER had in ORANGE CONE!! I truly believe this book is a home run and a must-have if you are a fan of my work. I really can’t wait to share this book with you guys!!! Its gonna be a wild ride!! I have also been in talks with a publisher for this one and because of that i plan on keeping this ORANGE CONE print run HELLA SMALL!

Anyways, first, let’s show you guys, Mr. Granite State, himself the OLD MAN IN THE MOUNTAIN! (see below) The first written mention of the Old Man was in 1805. It became a landmark and a cultural icon for the state of New Hampshire. If you have lived in NH you know about the Old Man. It collapsed on May 3, 2003. After its collapse, residents considered replacing it with a replica, but the idea was ultimately rejected. It remains a visual icon on the state’s license plates and pretty much everywhere you go.

In this story, we talk about a magic spell that created the OLD MAN IN THE MOUNTAIN and what happens to the people under that spell once it breaks.

Cover A by Patrick Buermeyer
Cover B by Brian Demarest
Cover C by Eamon Hill
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