Kickstarter Spotlight – Space Oddities #2, the lovechild of Indiana Jones & Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Space Oddities 2

  • Co-Writer/Illustrator- Jon Williams
  • Co-Writer/Letterer- Ben Robinson
  • Colors- Dan Olvera
  • Editor- Chuck Pineau

Space Oddities is an adventure/comedy story about the crew of the Aftosa; Dirk & Jorge MacSanchez. They are in the business of locating and procuring lost or “misappropriated” antiquities. A lucrative, if not stable, business until a young woman named Jhett Paxton suddenly becomes an unsolicited crew member. Jhett’s quest to find her mother will point them toward a fabled artifact of immense power and all the danger that comes with it.

Last we met our intrepid adventurers: After a technically successful job to recover a stolen artifact, the crew of the Aftosa and their uninvited guest have set a course for Rygar 6. They just have to make one stop on the way. What could possibly go wrong?

Welcome back and thank you for checking out the campaign for our second Issue!

The Kickstarter for issue one was a huge success and a lot of fun and we are stoked to be back for the second installment in this 6 issue arc.

From the Space Oddities Kickstarter campaign page…
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