Pullbox Previews: Territory #1 brings post-apocalyptic action to the Pacific Northwest of the future

From the Kickstarter page (campaign successfully over!)

TERRITORY is a post apocalyptic kaiju story set in the far distant Pacific Northwest of the United States. Ancestors tell the story of how civilization was wiped from the earth in nuclear fire long ago. From the ashes of the destruction rose the Behemoths, giant creatures whose presence breathed life back into the land. The surviving people now live in tribes, worshiping the Behemoths as Gods!

Alkia and her tribe worship the Greathorn, a mighty Behemoth who has been sovereign over the forest for as long as the tribe can remember. It’s been ages since the Greathorn has come close enough to their village to be seen, until Alkia and her friend Neebo see the beast on a hunting expedition. It’s presence is a sign the tribe has been waiting for, but for good or ill is yet to be determined…

This is the first issue of a 6 issue mini series following Alkia’s journey as her world is turned upside down by the Greathorn’s presence. A story about the boundaries of faith, belief and family told with giant monsters, TERRITORY is a 22 page fully colored comic book debut for writer Blake McCarthy with dynamic art by Chris Sassman, colors by Ichsan Ansori and letters by Marco Della Verde.

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