Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight: Several books to check out in support of original indie comics!

Here are some projects, either coming soon or up & running, on Kickstarter… Check ’em out!

The House of the Spirits by Tiana Camacho

A comic adaptation of Isabel Allende’s classic work.

In 1920s Chile, an aloof clairvoyant girl named Clara De Valle is shown to have unnatural capabilities. From moving items with her mind or being able to tell when someone she knows will die, her abilities only add to her allure and mystery. After the loss of his previous fiancée and a request made by his mother on her deathbed, Esteban Trueba finds himself mysteriously drawn to the strange girl. Soon it will be revealed that his attraction was not mere coincidence, but rather her strange abilities calling out to him.

Project image for Freaky Tales #3: Triple Feature

Freaky Tales #3: Triple Feature (an anthology)

This is the third issue of a new comics magazine. The type of stories will be scifi and fantasy. This issue will have three stories, for a total of 64 pages.  If this is successful, subsequent issues will have more content.

Three Thorns: Three sisters in arms travel the land in search of riches and adventure. Follow Gala, Cayla and Seyelia on their journey as they make use of their powers and skills to defeat villains, vanquish demons and perfect their craft. A fantasy action tale for lovers of manga, anime and fighting games.

Titanium Blade: Our planet had been taken over by an alien race. The last vestige of human is on its last leg. Their only hope is an old mech that no one seems to be able to active.

Mountain in the Sky: With The Red some how released, the treaty between man and nature is danger. The Red is spreading infecting man and nature in order to start a war. A young nymph named Coco takes it upon herself to stop The Red.

Project image for Speed Of Light: Black And White Sci-Fi Magazine

Speed of Light (also from Evoluzione): Black & White sci fi anthology

Speed of Light is a brand new bi monthly sci-fi anthology. Each issue will have nine, 8 page stories by different creators. Some stories will be serialized and some will be one shots.

For Molly #1–4 by Gabe Cheng – launching 7/14

Twitter: @gabechengcomics

FOR MOLLY is an action packed modern fantasy adventure, set among the abandoned things in the New Jersey forest. An anti-social talking dog named Molly helps an outsider named Greg rescue his sister from a hidden evil. The complete, four chapter story is on Kickstarter now (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gabechengcomics/for-molly-1-4-modern-fantasy-comic-with-talking-dogs?ref=aflaf3&token=8da324c9). The campaign also includes artwork by Benjamin Sawyer, Emma Kubert (DC Comics TEEN TITANS, Image Comics INKBLOT), Cathleen Abalos, Izzy Cheng, and Elisa Meneghel.

Written by Gabe Cheng with art by Benjamin Sawyer, FOR MOLLY is about trust, abandonment, and the type of bond that can only form between a human and a dog. It has feral gangs of talking dogs, rogue cops wielding swords, and dangerous human cultists living off-the-grid in the forest. But at the center are two characters with a lot of baggage that realize they need each other to survive.Cheng left a successful career as a high school teacher and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for writing comics and working in entertainment. He hosts a biweekly Futurama fan podcast called Another Lousy Millennium (https://www.almpod.com/) and writes comic book reviews for Fanbase Press (http://fanbasepress.com/index.php/hidden-menu-item/itemlist/user/32122-gabechengfanbasepresscontributor). In FOR MOLLY, he draws from personal experiences to tell a story about the things in our lives that are worth fighting for.

Paranormal: Superhuman Criminals in a Noir Graphic Novel by Dan Christensen

Twitter: @blackeyebooks

A super-powered pulp noir crime graphic novel drawn with an impeccable blend of American comics and classic European clean line style.

Los Angeles, present day. Henry Wade Johnson, the paranormal criminal known as the Ogre, has just been released from prison and is determined to make a fresh start, hoping to reunite with his wife and turn his back on his shady past. Unfortunately, things don’t quite work out the way he had planned: not only has his wife left him, but one of his former accomplices, a paranormal criminal called Rat Face, has just murdered several police officers and stolen a drug shipment from L.A.’s deadliest crime lord.

About Black Eye Books

Relaunched in 2019 by publisher Michel Vrana, Black Eye Books continues its pursuit of publishing eclectic and engaging stories told in the form of words and pictures.

The Eargoggles’ Double Album and Comic Book by Ezra Gale

The Eargoggles a comic book anthology that comes with a double album soundtrack…and a double album with a comic book of all the songs.

The comic is a 56-page ‘flip book,’ with record one (“Regales”) read from the front and record two (“Revels”) read from the back. Featuring artists from all over the world, the comics interpret each song in their own creative and stylistic way. Meanwhile, the 18 songs on the records roam over a wide sonic landscape, from NYC dance-punk to 70s Bowie-meets-Zappa groove to plaintive upright bass lullabies to wild Fela Kuti-meets-Edward Snowden afrobeat.

How to Webcomic by Starlia Prichard

The ultimate guide to making online comics.

“My name is Star, and I’m a full-time comic artist and illustrator! How to Webcomic is the culmination of everything I’ve learned about making online comics, written out in a handy book format! It’s approx. 140 pages of information, with additional illustrations and diagrams to help readers navigate the visual language of comics.”

Aceblade 1–5 by Danny J. Quick

Superhero Aceblade battles 4 villains in one night. Will breaking his code make him a villain too?

Aceblade fights crime in a city of superpowered women and men while having no powers of his own. His first year of fighting crime has made him frustrated at the lack of progress in Vegas City, and he’s almost ready to give it up. A proposition from Gutshot, to earn the type of money that can make a real difference, has our Hero at a precarious crossroads. Is it possible to do something bad for a good reason?

Occult Crime Comic Book: Black Blizzard by Aaron Reese

Crime syndicates and police reach an uneasy truce to stop an occult serial killer.

This story arc follows a team of investigators and hardened criminals as they work to unravel a series of brutal murders that are being committed with escalating savagery. Crime syndicates and police have reached an uneasy truce to stop this occult serial killer. The group must overcome riots, supernatural events and a worsening blizzard as they race the clock before the next murder tears the city apart.

Milagro: Héroe De Las Calles by Guillermo Xegarra

Twitter: @ComicMilagro

A 70-page full-color contemporary “fight comic” told in the grindhouse noir style of traditional Luchador pop culture.

“As someone who knows nothing about wrestling, I like it… bold kinetic energy going on throughout the action pages.” —Laurence Campbell

This is the story of a disgraced luchador living in self-exile on the streets of Mexico City, where he discovers a chance for redemption. But the road to redemption is paved in blood! When all you know how to do is fight, what does it take to be a hero?

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