Pullbox Previews: Nightmare Man – “Alex is living the dream. He doesn’t recommend it.”

Whose fault is it?

Writer Matthew Wilding and artist Matt Rowe began collaborating earlier this year with the celebrated horror short Little Things. After a lot of positive feedback from readers and industry pros, they decided to take a step together on their first full-length book.

What is it?

Stumbling through middle age, divorce, and professional stagnation, Alex suddenly is confronted by memories of torturous childhood nightmares after seeing a dead ringer for his tormentor eating breakfast at a cafe. Encouraged by his therapist to confront the doppelgänger and get over his fears, Alex comes face to face with his own personal Nightmare Man.

Grappling with otherworldly powers and crippling fear, Nightmare Man juxtaposes Freudian dream analysis, earth-roaming demigods reminiscent of American Gods, and the slice-of-life exploratory style of The Twilight Zone. It is a completely self contained 24 page one-shot story.

Where can you find it? Well, if you’re so inclined, this title is currently being reviewed for sale on the ComiXology app after a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Keep an eye out for updates & hit up writer Matthew Wilding on Twitter…

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