Pullbox Reviews: For the Love of the Game – The review is longer than the comic, but this sci fi short hits the bullseye

A 13-page full-color one-shot, FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME follows a test subject whose solitary life in a science facility is upended with the introduction of its latest experiment.

This is gonna be a quick one, but I had to put a few words down on this 13 page science fiction short story. As far as minimalist stories go, For the Love of the Game does everything that it needs to do, and it does it fast… cuz, y’know, 13 pages.

Jared Prestwidge may not have had to write any dialogue, but his story is well scripted. His story follows a nameless test subject through his dailly life in a world that could be narrated by Rod Serling. The subject sleeps. He eats. And he… Okay, look, the story’s really short. I can’t really talk too much without giving anything away, and I ain’t no spoiler. Moving on.

In a comic story without dialogue, it can only be imagined that the artwork might be important. Illustrated by Sidney Teles, this one is all about reading facial expressions to understand where The Subject is in his life. In that regard, Teles hits a grand slam. There isn’t a lot of time to find any kind of real investment in our protagonist, but in the emotion on his face, in his eyes, we can find those ties. With the colors added by Mariam Yasser, The Subject’s environment is a stark, brightly lit florescent hell.

So in this very short comic without a word of spoken dialogue, one might wonder what a letterist would have to do. I’m not gonna lie, I asked myself that very question when I saw Drew D. Lenhart listed in the credits. Still, there’s something to be said for the incessant “DING DONG” calling The Subject to his daily routine.

I dunno, this little story that could hits a sweet spot, and it’s worth noting that For the Love of the Game is the very first foray into comic writing for Jared Prestwidge. I have nothing but respect for the indie creators I hear from all the time on thePullbox. Anyone with the gumption to get up and make their thing is a champ.

Hop over to Gumroad and check this one out. At the very least, look it over. Any amount of consideration you might give can make a big difference in the world of indie comics.

Final Score: 10/13

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