Lords of the Cosmos are coming again!

I am a huge fan of Jason Lenox and in particular his Lords of the Cosmos series which is a mashed-up lovefest for 80’s action cartoons, nostalgic melodrama and pulp horror. Watch for the upcoming Kickstarter for ish#4 here – as well check out below for the links for the previous issues!

Don’t miss it!

(creator’s blurb)

Do you like planet destroying, cybernetic mutantdeath cults?

Do you cheer when humans are transformed into acid-spewing mech spiders?

Do you enjoy a good psychotic talking sword every now and then?

Do you love WWII battles, but wish there were more giant war turtles?

Of course you do… or you wouldn’t be reading this far. 

All that and more in LORDS OF THE COSMOS #4! It’s an artistic tornado where ancient secrets will be revealed, heroes will fall and torsos will be severed in a massive, 44 page onslaught of magical mayhem and technological terror. After three successful Kickstarter campaigns (see Issue #1, Issue #2 & Issue #3 here!) and tons of love from fans and critics alike, we’re bringing you the most violent, densely packed, retro radical collection of 80’s action themed stories you’ve ever seen.

Lords of the Cosmos is a labor of love from a collection of Indie Comic Publishers, Hollywood Screenwriters, Renowned Artists and fans from all over the globe. If you grew up loving Saturday morning cartoons, action figures and sugar cereal, LORDS OF THE COSMOS is the comic book your adult self has been missing.

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