Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight- Lands of Toons

Lands of Toons is a story that’s created by a fan of animation and is for fans of animation.  From Walt Disney to Chuck Jones to Don Bluth, Lands of Toons pays homage to the types of stories, themes and characters that each of these entities brought to life.  

To stay true to the evolution of animation, the first issue is almost entirely in black and white, where the second and third issues are in full color.

This story follows two black and white characters, Mangus the Monkey and Zookeeper Ted, as they try to find a way to save their black and white cartoon community after characters start to disappear in plain site.  This happens shortly after a giant wall appears out of nowhere.

In doing so, they discover a new world of different lands, each of which are in color, which is something they’ve never experienced before.

This story initially was written by me (Kevin Chilcoat) as a screenplay, as it was and is intended to be a movie.  The screenplay is complete and has been for a year at this point. Unfortunately for me, getting an animated movie made is something I don’t have experience in and I don’t have any resources to help me with that goal.  So I’ve decided to take a chance to do what I can to bring this story to life and adapted it into comic book format.  I’m also working with Hayley Russell and Andrew Morrice of HRAM Comics who have illustrated, inked, lettered and colored this book.

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