Pullbox Previews Next Door- A Neo-Noir Crime Comic, now live on Kickstarter

A neo-noir story of paranoia, privilege, and walking the dog gone wrong.

  • Next Door
  • Written by Zack Quaintance
  • Illustrated by Pat Skott
  • Colors by Ellie Wright
  • Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Young married couple Chris and Liz just bought a new house in an “up and coming neighborhood.” When their dog starts to get loose and roam, the couple finds themselves interacting with long-time residents they’re pushing out, and what starts as a series of misunderstandings between neighbors culminates in a night of suspicion, fear, and sudden violence.

Project image for NEXT DOOR: A Neo-Noir Crime Comic

(From the Kickstarter page:)

Next Door is the debut comic for writer/journalist Zack Quaintance, and the second Kickstarter for artist Pat Skott (The Space-Wolf). They’re joined by star colorist Ellie Wright (Bettie Paige, James Bond) and star letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Black Stars AboveJoin The Future). It’s 30+ pages of crime comics meets the housing crisis, told through the dual perspective of a trendy privileged couple moving into an “up and coming” neighborhood…and the long-time residents they’re pushing out. This neo-noir tale has hints of The Dregs, some BTTM FDRS, and just a bit of Stray Bullets.

Many of the folks in this story are so involved with their own petty micro-dramas, that larger societal consideration gets pushed aside until it all boils over into a night of chaos. Here’s a quick four-page preview of the book before the #*$& starts to go down…

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