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Evoluzione is a fiery independent publisher with big dreams, a lot of ambition, and no little bit of talent. Their titles run the range of genres from myth & fantasy, to romance, to sci fi action… with many (MANY) stops in between. I’ve reviewed a few of these, and I’ll link those articles down the way, but just scroll on down and browse this collection of covers…

Babylon Working #1

Babylon Working follows a crew of misfit space pirates who call themselves Babylon. The crew attempts to pull off an easy job of stealing the cargo of an ancient cult. Little did they know that the cargo was housing an elder god. Now every collector, cult, and fearmongering zealot is after them. 

I have gotten a look at this title, and can say that as an opening issue it’s as solid an action series as you’re gonna find. It’s got some cool character concepts & designs, so it’ll be interesting to see how those develop along with the story as the series progresses…

The Gentleman #1

A Lovecraftian inspired horror noir story about the haunting ghosts from the past along with the ghosts from the forth coming future.  The Gentleman, Oliver Solomon begins his investigation to help the mysterious and alluring Espere. But what Oliver learns only presents more questions while his ex boyfriend, Ralph, comes face to face with her horrific and deadly stalker.

Valhalla Awaits #1

Valhalla Awaits is a comic series that draws heavily from the Poetic Edda and Viking and Norse mythological themes. The story follows characters Hildr and Erik and their journey through the Viking afterlife, where they encounter Norse gods, and legendary creatures.

I picked this one up through their online store, thinking that the concept of a Norse Valkyrie running amok, raising hate & discontent would be kinda cool. I was right, and it was… it’s also got a pretty solid story going on, as main character Hildr comes to terms with her nature.

Love University #1

Lucy Barloc is a seventeen-year-old romantic who wants nothing more than to fall in love. She’s an adorably geeky fangirl who’s pretty badass at archery, too. On the eve of her college tour, Lucy asks a psychic her destiny but is quickly told that true love is forbidden for her. She has no idea why. That is until, she finds herself at a place called Love University. 

Le Fay #1

Morgan Le Fay was one of the most powerful fay. After a battle with Merlin she woke up powerless in the modern world. Determined to get her powers back she has decided to work as a PI for the Fay World in order to find clues on what happened to her.

Yeah… my personal favorite out of the Evoluzione lineup… This is a little bit Harry Dresden, a little bit Guy Ritchie. You’ll find reviews for both issues 1 & 2 right here.

Marassa #1

Princess Mara is a retired space pirate who gave up the life to raise a family. But what happens when her charmingly thieving, trouble making twin brother, Sa, visits her with the map to their late parent’s lost treasure? An adventure that garners the attentions of other space pirates, bounty hunters, humanoid snake doctors, cosmic Vodou, and breathing wooden mask babies. 

Mine to Avenge: The Book of Layla #1

The history books call it a house of horrors. A testament to the true depravity that inhabits the souls of man. The little girl who escaped the demonic forces which occupied the LaLaurie New Orleans mansion on a sunny day in 1833, though, called it something else: the site of a rebirth. The little girl swore on that day that she would never be anyone else’s victim, and so began a centuries long campaign of bloody revenge. The Retribution Cabal (RC) was born, protecting only those descendants of America’s original sin. 

Now on a cyberpunk stage where technological wonders leave no place for creatures of legend, the LaLauries and their denizens reappear, continuing their blood-soaked quest for obtaining ultimate power. Time will tell if the remaining members of the fractured Cabal can stand as the bulwark between humanity and the rising hordes of darkness.     

This was one of the first books I covered for Evoluzione, and it’s as crazy insane a ride as you’re going to find in a sci fi action story… Reviews for issues 1 & 2 to be found here.

There are many more titles to browse through and choose from. I’m pretty sure that regardless of your taste, you should be able to find something that piques your interest. Give them a look, and make sure to follow Evoluzione Publishing on social media. Do me a favor, though… let them know that I sent you or they’re gonna think I’m just milking them for free review pdfs.

Have a happy, & stay healthy out there!

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