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Campaign Aims to Bring to Life a Three-issue Series MONSTER MATADOR: TANGO OF THE MATADORS

LOS ANGELES, June 02, 2020 – The cult favorite comic MONSTER MATADOR created by Steven Prince aims to expand with the help of a Kickstarter campaign that will fund the beginning of a new mini-series that takes fans through the delightfully demented universe in which the matador is pitted against monsters in a lawless world. Prince will be joined by artist Fabio (BANJAX) Alves and colorist Alex (MS. VALKYRIE) Zief, on the new series.

The expansion of the series comes after the initial run of MONSTER MATADOR, which received accolades from reviewers and fans:

“Almost immediately I found myself laughing and becoming immersed into this “not your ordinary” comic book,” says Jason Bennett, POPCULT HQ.

“Matador has for years been my absolute favorite comic out there. It plays like Danny McBride and Jody Hill made a Santo movie and then gleefully peed on it. It’s completely and utterly bonkers, so goddamn smart and funny. I honestly can’t recommend it enough.” Ringo Award winning writer Rylend Grant.

The first volume ran 12-issues and introduced readers to Matador Ramon Alejandro Estévez-Guerrero who is forced to take up his sword and cape against the monsters that turned the world into a lawless, Kaiju-infested hellscape. These 12 issues will be a reward for KickStarter contributors.  

“I’ve always seen Monster Matador as the story of a man who is trying his best to make a shitty world better so his daughter can have a bright future,” says Prince. “The twist is that he does it by kicking all sorts of ass, from kaiju monsters to white supremacist cannibal rednecks. It’s like MAD MAX meets GODZILLA by way of ALL ABOUT AH-LONG.”

With Tango of the Matadors, Prince continues to bring his unique brand of mayhem and absurdity to the printed page, presenting the MONSTER MATADOR with his greatest challenge yet, the monstrous Volagante and her brood. Up until now the matador has fought one monster at a time. Now he’ll have to figure out a way to survive by fighting thousands.

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  1. Thanks! We just got our Kickstarter approved and a preview page up.


    Thanks for considering our project. Kickstarter starts June 2

    1. Best of luck with this project, Steven…

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