Kickstarter Preview: Oneshi Press presents Mr Guy, Zombie Hunter! (July 1st)

Oneshi Press Announces the Origins Campaign—A Kickstarter for Two
Epic Comics Collections—Coming in July

May 18, 2020 (Missoula, MT) : Everything starts somewhere—even indie comics! This July, Missoula, Montana–based publisher Oneshi Press will dish up some fresh origin stories guaranteed to wet your whistle. The Missoula-based “publisher that gives a sh!t” will crack open a Kickstarter that explores origins with two delectable collections of comics!

For the first course, the search for the source of the undead apocalypse begins in Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Act 1 . And the second is a smorgasbord of fresh origin stories from all over the world in Oneshi Press Anthology 10. Both are going to blow. Your. Hecking. Mind.

“The Origins Kickstarter is going to be the biggest and most ambitious yet!” said Jayel Draco, co-founder of Oneshi Press and creator of Mr. Guy . “We’re serving up something totally new, alongside dozens of creators. We’re eager to tell everyone about it before the Kickstarter launches on July 1!

Right now, Oneshi Press is seeking opportunities to talk to podcasters, journalists, bloggers,and more about these two badass projects—the biggest Kickstarter campaign in our 4-year history! The company’s two co-founders are available for interviews at your earliest convenience, along with many of the two-dozen-plus creators who contributed to the Origins Kickstarter!

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