The Pullbox Binge List: What to Watch, According to Greg

Howdy, Folks!  Now that we’re into our 798th day or so of social distancing (or at least, it feels like it) and many of you are probably already through your first, second and eighth tv binge options on the various and sundry streaming services, we at the Pullbox thought we’d offer up our own fave bingeworthy shows, in the hope we can provide you with some new lockdown-killing material…

First up is Greg:

1.       Tiger King (Netflix): I’m only halfway through and it’s both crazy and riveting. I’m fully aware that editing for entertainment may be a factor in the crazy, but there is only so much editing one can do. These are the types of people Stephen King warned us about.

2.       Life in Pieces (Hulu / Amazon): I was very disappointed to hear this show got the ax. Every episode is told in vignettes. The cast has great chemistry and the writers played to the actor’s strengths.

3.       I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix): Teenage drama/comedy with a twist. Question: How does a modern aged underprivileged teenage girl who is already dealing with some major issues deal the fact she’s developing super-powers? Answer – Not well.

4.       Hunters (Amazon Prime): Inspired by true events in New York City in the late 1970’s, a group of Jewish Americans go hunting for Nazis that infiltrated America after WWII. Seriously, how can you not want to watch this?

5.       Letter for the King (Netflix): Based on a 1962 Dutch novel, Netflix brought this series to life. It’s a great family fantasy with beautiful cinematography.

And there you have it!  We’ll be posting one staff member’s opinions each day until we run out of folks, and will do our best to compare notes and not have the same five shows over and over again. 

So until tomorrow, keep your feet and the ground, and keep reaching for the sky!  (And let’s keep that six feet of distance from each other while we’re at it, shall we?)

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