Pullbox Reviews: Lily’s Take- Death to the Army of Darkness #1 “Illustrations, Characters, and Writing Alike Were Outstanding”

Dynamite Entertainment

Writer: Ryan Parrott
Art: Jacob Edgar

An all-new series by RYAN PARROTT (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and JACOB EDGAR (Red Sonja)! It’s been six months since the events of the Army of Darkness film…Ash is just trying to settle down and get back to his groovy ways. But dammit, DEADITE-POSSESSED strangers keep attacking him at every turn. Why is evil following everywhere he turns, and what happens when an awful splinter spell causes Ash to become…TEAM ASH!?
And, because it’s February, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special variant by artist Sebastian Piriz!

Death to the Army of Darkness #1 is one of the latest comics to come out of the talented minds at Dynamite Comics, hitting stores everywhere February 19th. Ash, a man hungry for adventure, was teleported to the year 1300 AD to retrieve The Necronomicon, an ancient cursed book will never let go of you. This was a well-done, funny, and innovative take on the classic hero story. The humor from writer Ryan Parrot paired with illustrations from Jacob Edgar make for a very memorable thriller sure to please comic geeks like me and have people coming back for the next installment!

 Going into the comic, I knew that not all Dynamite comics have been in my wheelhouse. This DTTAOD really changed my mind on this genre of comics. It was a fast paced, action packed, gorey, comedy thriller that kept me enthralled throughout the whole comic. Sometimes in these types of stories, the protagonist and other characters are two- dimensional and/or get lost in an excessive amount of violence with no real plot, but this comic puts that cliche to shame! Ash was a relatable character placed into an insane sci-fi situation, but still just trying to live an average life. I absolutely loved the twist ending, and I will be coming back to the next installment! The talented team at Dynamite created a complex and enjoyable character that propelled the story forward. His character dynamic and comedic dialogue with surrounding characters made for a great comic! 

 The art from Jacob Edgor and Kike J. Diaz seamlessly flowed with the story and the characters enthralled in it. The use of lighting to show depth through shadows in each panel was simply brilliant. Each illustration was perfectly represented and really helped the story come together. Diaz used a darker color scheme of shadowcast lighting to bring the characters to life and build a personality through them, then it consistently got better and better as the story progressed. It is not easy to find a thriller like this that has visually interesting consistent illustrations and story. My only feedback was that I would have liked this to be a bit longer.

I typically don’t talk about the cover art of a comic that much, but in this case, the cover art may be my favorite part. Don’t get me wrong, the story was epic, but hands down this is one of the coolest covers I have seen in a long time. Props to artist Ben Oliver who created this legendary work of art. Not only is it an accurate representation of the comic, but it is so detailed, incredibly stylized, and very unique. The shading and sense of depth was truly remarkable. 

This comic is great for teens and adults alike looking to get into a new series, and for those who just want a funny hero thriller. The illustrations, characters, and writing alike were outstanding, and I can’t wait to see what adventures come for Ash next! I highly recommend you check it out whether it be for the art, the story, or if you are a fan of Dynamite’s previous works. I give this comic a score of 13, and I highly recommend checking it out later this month! 

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