Live on Kickstarter! The Six Swords- A Post Apocalyptic Spaghetti Western (say no MORE!)

6S, LLC and  Massari Media Enterprises LLC. present THE SIX SWORDS, a post-apocalyptic spaghetti western created by Chris Massari (KAYFABE: A WRESTLING ANTHOLOGY), Matt Perez, and Mel Sapiandante. 

Issue 1 features cover art by A. Rashid and variant cover by Plaid Klaus (VOID TRIP, GLIMMER SOCIETY, TURN COAT), sequential line art by Ryan Cody (DOC UNKNOWN, MICHAEL MCMILLIAN: ADVENTURE VAN), color art by Elaine Unger (BETTY & VERONICA: VIXENS, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, MEGA MAN, STAN LEE’S THE ZODIAC LEGACY), and lettering by Renato Guerra (Zenescope, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, IDW Publishing). 

In the trade edition of our series first arc, The Six Swords Vol.1 cover line art was done by Eoin Marron (AVENGERS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, ARMY OF DARKNESS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, JAMES BOND: THE BODY, CENTIPEDE) and color art by Michael Doig (CODA GIRLS AND THE GLIM, BEAR NAKED LADIES).

The Six Swords can only be described as Mad Max meets Seven Samurai, infusing a Quentin Tarantino-esque mashup of properties such as Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Jack and Shaw Brothers Kung Fu films, dipping into genres such as fantasy anime, spaghetti westerns, philosophical science fiction and samurai cinema. 

This series pulls no punches on the commentary of war, politics and social interactions and promises to be more than just bloody good violence and gratuitous nudity. This original series will take you into a new and redefined translations of the “old west”. Simply put, imagine if in the Hateful 8 rather than saving the town, they destroyed it. 

“What Samurai Jack did for the Kurosawa brand of action movies, The Six Swords does for the spaghetti western, reinvigorating the genre in the popular consciousness with a stylistic twist and an extra blade or two thrown in for good measure.” – Gary Moloney, Monkeys Fighting Robots

THE SIX SWORDS #1, is set in the bleak future of the Divided States of America post World War IV, six men in a fiercely changed New Orleans find themselves pursuing bounties on each other, as placed by the local warlord known as the Switchblade. Quickly realizing that they have been tricked into killing each other, they haphazardly join together to escape the city, hacking and slashing their way through roves of bandits and gangs.

The Six Swords travel a post-apocalyptic United States, finding west coast cults, east coast strongholds, and endless gangland in-between. The land is reminiscent of the Old West: though lawless, people have come together to start anew, and each town offers something interesting for the Six Swords.

The Six Swords plays in the realm of comedy, kung fu and Westerns; post-apocalyptic pulp fiction. In the right circumstances, the stories will pay homage to a number of outside properties. 

This original series is an action-packed title that propels the audience into a post-WW VI landscape with fresh new characters and old-school concepts that will be brand new to some readers and nostalgic for others! 

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