Indie Comic Spotlight: The Omenverse… Superheroes & Dark Mythology

Omen Comics (on Patreon)

(From Creator/Writer Michael Nunneley)

I have wanted to make comics since I was 12 years old (1988) folding typewriter paper in half. I have been developing my writing & production skills through the decades including majoring in Creative Writing in college, creating comic stories and characters and even writing a fantasy novel – which has become a world in the Omenverse.

I combined all my loves into a vast mythology amalgamating various religious myths & classic literature, myths, fairy tales & legends from around the globe into my own brand of twisted darkness & madness. I have pursued this vocation my whole life and I have no intention of ever stopping until I am dead. I want nothing more than to write & create comics and I’ve gathered like-minded creators on my Omenverse project:

  • Co-Creator/Writer: Steve Sellers
  • Co-Creator/Artist/Colorist: Awosika Tosin
  • Letterer: Guido Martinez
  • Cover Artist/Logo Designer: Rolands Kalnins
  • Editor: Russ Pirozek

By contributing you are fulfilling the lifelong dreams of myself and my team and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Current Titles:

  • White Druid & Michael Nero #1 by Nunneley, Sellers, Tosin, Kalnins & Martinez 
  • Omen #1 by Nunneley, Tosin, Kalnins & Martinez
  • Gallows Men #1 by Nunneley, Tosin, Martinez & Kalnins.
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