Kickstarter Spotlight: Gorilla My Dreams (noir action… “quirky” doesn’t even start to cover it)

GORILLA MY DREAMS is a black and white webcomic set in Struggle-Town, where the streets are protected by KNOCKAROUND-GUY, a talking gorilla who fancies himself a superhero. GORILLA MY DREAMS is best described as: BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES mashed with TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES if Saturday morning cartoons came on TV after 10pm. 

GORILLA MY DREAMS: GORILLA TAILS explores Struggle-Town and its residents, spotlighting not only KNOCKAROUND-GUY but some of the other characters who cross paths with him; The cops, the crooks, even wannabe superheroes. 

GORILLA TAILS is a 22 page comic book that collects 5 short stories from the webcomic. BUT the more money we raise, the bigger this comic book is going to get. That’s right, EVERY SINGLE stretch goal in this campaign will bring more story and pin-up pages to this comic!

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