Pullbox Previews: Ruinworld- An Eye for an Eye (softcover edition)

  • RuinWorld: An Eye for An Eye (softcover)
  • Boom! Studios
  • Writing & Art by Derek Laufman
  • Letters by Warren Montgomery
  • Collects the complete five issue series!
  • Available May 15th!
  • Read thePullbox Review for Issue #1 here

It’s every adventurer for themselves in the Ruinlands!

Join Pogo and Rex as they set out on a quest to hunt for valuable artifacts and magical weapons across the land. Along with plenty of not-always faithful companions, our heroes must battle dangerous tribes of Toadies, survive giant stone Golems, and stop a catastrophic world-ending disaster, all while evading a cunning gang of thieves as they race towards the biggest treasure of all time.

Cartoonist Derek Laufman (Marvel Superhero Adventures) leads an unforgettable journey as Rex and Pogo misadventure their way across the Ruinlands, facing dangerous foes and fair-weather friends alike!

“Klatu…. verata… necktie?”
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