Pullbox Reviews: Dead Life #1

Dead Life #1 (Titan Comics – Gaudin / Urgell / Mambba)

When young Steven finds a cursed chalice in his grandfather’s attic, he has no idea that his innocent game is about to unleash an undead nightmare!

The Walking Dead meets Supernatural in a tragic apocalypse, illustrated with bloody energy by Joan Urgell (Rebels: These Free and Independent States)!

With the zombie genre continuing to have a strong presence in all mediums, it is pleasing to come across a fresh, unique approach to the specific genre. Dead Life #1 brings a supernatural twist to your ordinary zombie plot line by including a mysterious origin for the flesh-eating outbreak. I say mysterious for the first issue leaves the reader with several questions, mainly relating to the cause and effects of the super natural elements that are responsible for initiating the zombie craze.

Credit to Gaudin for crafting a fantastic first issue that is suspenseful, engaging, and thought provoking from the beginning. Just within this first issue, characters are faced with traumatic scenarios that inflict brutal emotional and physical implications both on the characters and readers. Characters are forced to adapt to the detrimental changes that are rapidly occurring in their environment. This makes for a reading experience that is full of unexpected twist and turns.

Along with great writing comes some awesome art work by Urgell. Urgell’s art style compliments Gaudin’s story so well. The color palette is allowed to really stand out from a heavy use of black and other dark shaded inks. A gruesome story calls for a parallel in its art, and you get just that with Dead Life #1. While the interior art is great, the cover art for this issue is flat out awesome as well.

Overall, I highly recommended checking out Dead Life #1. Get on this wild new series now!

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