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INTERIOR COLORS – Fredrik Mattsson
COVER A COLORS – M. Wayne Miller
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It is “SOMETHING REAL” and it will NOT be denied

Its kind is despised around the world. Feared by all, but mostly by children. These creatures have been around since the beginning of time, so it seems. Lurking in the darkness, perhaps from which they were born. Surely conceived in the darkest shadows of creation’s first days. Whatever their origin may be, one thing is certain…

Something is always watching and it’s most definitely real. Not all children are watched, but the majority are. Some are scared, some are brave, and some are smart. The imaginative kind are the most attractive. That’s what makes young Phillip so appealing.

Phillip is different, wiser, stronger — with an imagination that can’t be matched. He doesn’t see this — but the boogeyman can. Will Phillip’s imagination become the final piece to the boogeyman’s centuries-long puzzle — finally completing the construction of its very own world — one that’s capable of completely engulfing ours?

MAIN CHARACTERS from the series
PHILLIP HASTEN – A young boy with an incredibly gifted imagination. Phillip must stop the boogeyman’s destructive quest for power over our world while also saving the lives of those he loves most.

“SOMETHING REAL” – A dangerous and reluctant boogeyman spirit that’s haunted Phillip’s bloodline for generations. He nears the completion of his masterful world-building project, one that could ultimately threaten our very existence on Earth.

BENJAMIN HASTEN – Phillip’s long-lost father. Banjamin left his family a couple of years back for unknown reasons. This mysterious disappearance, among many others, could soon be explained with the arrival of the boogeyman.

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